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Patient Information Committee

Meeting dates (9.30 start)


  • 14 January 2020
  • 25 February 2020
  • 13 August 2020
  • 22 October 2020
  • 8 December 2020



Reporting mechanism

The Patient Information Committee outputs are quality assured by the RCOG Clinical Quality Assurance Committee (CQAC).

The Committee report directly to the Clinical Quality Board.


Meeting frequency




The Patient Information Committee produces high quality evidence-based patient information derived mainly (but not solely) from RCOG Green Top Guidelines and NICE guidance.

The Patient Information Committee is dedicated to producing and disseminating high quality information worthy of the RCOG gold standard expected of our clinical quality guidance products, and to ensuring that our patient information that sees women, as well as their families and friends well informed to make choices about the care they receive. 

The Clinical Quality Assurance Group quality assures the information produced by the Committee.

The Clinical Quality Board oversees all PIC activity and provides strategic direction. 



The RCOG Patient Information Committee works to ensure that our information is:

  • Evidence-based: Aligned to the relevant Clinical Guidance product (source document)
  • Balanced: Each document is the product of the whole Patient Information Committee rather than any individual
  • Accurate: Interpretation of the evidence is checked with the clinical guideline developers (who produce the source documents).
  • Clearly written: Each document is written in plain, simplified language to a an average reading age of 11 years and medical terminology included is referred to in our medical terms explained section of the RCOG website.
  • Accessible: All patient information produced is freely available on our website to anyone with access to a computer. Our standard format is a narrative leaflet style, we also produce audio and/or video formats alongside these. Patient Decision Aid tools and infographic/poster formats are also becoming increasing popular and we now also produce these formats where appropriate/more suitable.
  • Up-to-date: There is a process for regular review of all patient information documents, usually three years or when new evidence emerges relating to the evidence underpinning the content. When a document is updated, the previous version is archived.



The Patient Information Committee produces patient information derived mainly from relevant College clinical guidelines and NICE guidelines. The Clinical Quality Board overseas the work programme of the Patient Information Committee.



Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Tel: +44 20 7772 6311

The members of the Patient Information Committee are responsible for the development of all RCOG patient information. The usual term of office of committee members is 3 years and reviewed annually.

The Committee consists of:

  • Chair (RCOG Member /Fellow)
  • 5x Members – RCOG Members or Fellows (50:50 obs/gynae specialists)
  • Midwife Representative – Nominated by the RCM
  • Nurse Representative – Nominated by the RCN                                     
  • 2x RCOG Women’s Network Representatives – Nominated by the Women’s Network    
  • RCOG Senior Director, Clinical Quality   
  • RCOG Head of Patient and Public Involvement
  • RCOG Business Manager, Education and Quality
  • RCOG Business Coordinator, Education & Quality (administrative support)


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