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Scientific Advisory Committee

Meeting dates (10:00 start)


  • 27 January 
  • 23 June
  • 15 September


  • 26 January
  • 22 June
  • 14 September


Reporting mechanism

The Scientific Advisory Committee reports to the Clinical Quality Board.


The Scientific Advisory Committee has a broad brief encompassing both basic and clinical science, including health services research.

  • To ‘horizon scan’ and debate relevant scientific issues, including future developments of relevance to the specialty.
  • To produce regular news items and/or Scientific Impact Papers for the membership.
  • To contribute to College responses on national policies and direction.
  • To react to requests for scientific advice from Officers, committees, working parties and Fellows/Members of the College.
  • To advise Officers and appropriate committees about future national and international scientific and clinical meetings and study groups.
  • To report to the Clinical Quality Board.


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Tel: +44 20 7772 6429


  • Dr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami MRCOG 


  • Professor Tom Bourne FRCOG
  • Dr Elly Brockbank MRCOG
  • Dr Mandish Dhanjal FRCOG
  • Dr Kannamannadiar Jayaprakasan MRCOG
  • Dr Asma Khalil MRCOG
  • Professor Henry Leese FRCOG (Scientific Representative)
  • Miss Farah Lone MRCOG
  • Ms Kate Brian (Women's Network Representative)
  • Mr Mostafa Metwally FRCOG
  • Mr Eddie Morris FRCOG (RCOG Vice President, Clinical Quality)
  • Dr Aung Soe (Neonatologist Representative)
  • Dr Zoe Thurlwell MRCOG (Trainees' Representative)
  • Director of Clinical Quality, RCOG
  • Clinical Effectiveness Manager, RCOG

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