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Scottish Committee

Scottish Committee meetings and O&G events in Scotland


Reporting mechanism

The Scottish Committee reports to the UK Membership Board.



Philip Owen Chair, and RCOG Scottish Fellows’ Council representative Philip Owen
Patrick Chien Treasurer and Elected Fellows’ representative Patrick Chien
Patricia Steeples Secretary
Sean Ainsworth Paediatric representative  
Claire Alexander South East TPD representative
Corrine Love Scottish Government representative
Colin Duncan Elected Fellows Representative
Sarah Murray Trainee representative for East of Scotland
Roseanna Metcalfe West of Scotland Trainees’ representative
Hanan Mustafa Members’ representative
Lucky Sarawat Members’ representative
Andrew Horne Academic Adviser Andrew Horne
Shahzya Huda Elected Members’ representative
Pauline McGough Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare representative  
Vanessa Mackay RCOG Scottish Members Council representative Vanessa Mackay
David McQueen NES representative David McQueen
Kate Patrick Simulation Lead
Kirsty Dundas Elected Fellows Representative
Mary Ross Davie Royal College of Midwives representative


If you have any queries about the above courses please contact Patricia Steeples at


Scottish calendar for O&G events

Access the Scottish calendar here:

Once you’re in the calendar, click on Scottish Committee, on the left hand side and that will bring up the SC calendar.

You should be able to access the calendar to see what’s on and when. Please refer to the calendar before organising any events as this will help avoid potential clashes of dates. 

Please direct any additions/amendments to the calendar to and please don’t delete anything from it.


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