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StratOG Editorial Board

Meeting dates (10:00 start)


  • 7 June


Reporting stucture

The StratOG (Core Training) Editorial Board reports to Education Board.



A StratOG Editorial Board member has two main roles: 

  • Responsible for the content of the StratOG Core Training eTutorials
  • Advisory role in the development of StratOG 

Terms of appointment 

  • Editorial Board members are appointed for an initial term of 3 years
  • Editorial Board members will receive complimentary access to StratOG
  • There is no payment for service as a StratOG Editorial Board member
  • Travel expenses are paid to UK-based Editorial Board members for attendance at Editorial Board meetings
  • Editorial Board meetings will be held 2-3 times a year and Editorial Board members are expected to attend these meetings
  • Other meetings may be convened electronically or by teleconference, as necessary

 Working practices – StratOG 

  • Editorial Board members need access to the internet via a broadband connection and should be comfortable with working online
  • Editorial Board members are assigned responsibility for approximately 10 StratOG Core Training eTutorials and are expected to help RCOG editorial staff to keep the content up to date and reviewed
  • Editorial Board members can decide how they will work to complete this task, for example:
    • they can do the work themselves
    • they can supervise the current eTutorial author(s)
    • they can recruit new authors for an eTutorial
  • Editorial Board members should review each eTutorial at least annually, or more frequently if required; for example if new guidelines are published that affect the eTutorial
  • Editorial Board members will be available to answer queries or address problems forwarded by RCOG editorial staff 

Working practices – future project development 

  • Editorial Board members will help RCOG editorial staff to identify and recruit new authors or working groups for future StratOG projects; for example, resources for consultants
  • Editorial Board members will make suggestions about how StratOG could be developed
  • Editorial Board members will make suggestions for new eLearning initiatives


  • Editorial Board members report to the Editor in Chief, StratOG Core Training
  • In case of dispute, the opinion of the Editor in Chief, StratOG Core Training is final


Editorial Board members will help to raise the awareness of StratOG in the obstetrics and gynaecology community.

Conflict of interest

Editorial Board members will supply the RCOG with a conflict of interest statement, which will be published on the StratOG website.


View the membership of the StratOG (Core Training) Editorial Board.


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