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Subspecialty Committee

Meeting dates (10:00 start)


  • Thursday 7 February 2019
  • Friday 17 May 2019
  • Tuesday 10 September 2019
  • Wednesday 13 November 2019


Reporting mechanism

The Subspecialty Committee reports to Specialty Education Advisory Committee.


To advise and keep under review:

  1. The development of subspecialisation in the four fields of gynaecological oncology, reproductive medicine, maternal and fetal medicine and urogynaecology including requirements and regulations for subspecialist training and accreditation;

  2. The criteria and procedures for approval of subspecialty trainees, training programmes, and for subspecialist accreditation on completion of training.


  1. Ensures visits are arranged to assess trainees in post and prospective training centres in liaison with the Deanery.

  2. Makes recommendations to the Deanery regarding the approval of programmes on the basis of advice provided in the visitors’ reports following recognition visits.

  3. Makes recommendations to the Education Board regarding the award of certificates of Subspecialist Accreditation on the basis of advice provided in visitors report following trainee final review visits.

  4. Provides feedback to programme subspecialty training programme supervisors (STPS) on the progress of trainees based on information submitted in the assessors’ reports following mid-term review visits

  5. Provides feedback to the School for the annual review of competence progression (ARCP) on the progress of trainees based on information submitted in the assessors’ report following subspecialty assessments.

  6. Liaises with STPS to ensure the curricula, requirements for training and the various application and report forms are updated appropriately.

  7. Keeps statistics on current and past trainees, including manpower and funding information, and the number of centres and programmes approved.

Frequency of meetings

4 times a year

Administrative support

Education Policy Team


Role Member
Chair Miss Melanie Davies FRCOG
Vice Chair Dr Joanne Bailey MRCOG
2 representatives for Maternal and Fetal Medicine Dr Manjiri Khare FRCOG
Mr Alec McEwan MRCOG
2 representatives for Reproductive Medicine Mr Andrew Drakeley FRCOG
Mr Harish Bhandari MRCOG
2 representatives for Gynaecological Oncology Mr Jo Nieto FRCOG
Mr Simon Butler-Manuel FRCOG
2 representatives for Urogynaecology Dr Karen Guerrero FRCOG
Dr Karen Ward MRCOG
1 Head of School from SEAC Dr Karen Brackley FRCOG
1 representative from the trainees Dr Srdjan Saso MRCOG

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