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Trainees' Committee Elections

Vacancies for the RCOG Trainees’ Committee, which meets 3 times a year at the College, are posted here.

Read the about the Trainees' Committee, including its remit, constitution, membership and meeting dates.

Read the Trainees' Committee Regional Representative role description (PDF 500KB)


Regional representatives


There are currently no elections for regional representatives.


There are currently no calls for nominations for regional representatives.



The eligibility criteria for trainees who wish to stand for the Trainees’ Committee elections, or to nominate candidates, are as follows:

Standing candidates must be:

  • A trainee from the relevant region who has an NTN, Part 1 MRCOG and is on the Trainees’ Register
  • Has a minimum of two calendar years training remaining in respect of their projected certificate of completion of training (CCT) date


  • Trainee who has subscribed to the Trainees’ Register OR
  • Is post-MRCOG but not yet appointed to a consultant post.

For further information please email: SpecialtyTrainingCCT@RCOG.ORG.UK


Trainees' Committee election nomination form

Please note that the information provided in the questions marked * will be seen by eligible voters

Please indicate pre- or post-MRCOG:
Please indicate pre- or post-MRCOG:

Please submit the form by 4pm on Monday 16 November 2020