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Council précis, July 2015

This page contains the précis from the Council meeting which took place on Friday 10 July 2015.

The first part of the meeting focused on discussions around the following themes and how each fits with the college’s strategic objectives:

  • Advocacy and broader women’s health
  • Services, benefits and the concerns of members and trainees

Other topics discussed were:

  • Abortion care training and service provision
  • The role of the RCOG in influencing Department of Health and NHS policy
  • Matching the needs of women and patients with the work of the RCOG
  • The implications of the Montgomery ruling and the future impact on medical litigation
  • Current financial pressures on the NHS and the move towards the provision of seven-day services
  • RCOG support for members experiencing professional and personal difficulties.

Normal council business then resumed with Officers’ reports.

Quality and Knowledge

Following a recent tender exercise, the RCOG was successful in bidding to host a new NICE Guideline Development Centre. The new centre will replace the National Collaborating Centre, Women’s and Children’s Health, National Collaborating Centre, Mental Health and National Collaborating Centre, Cancer from 1 April 2016. It will result in a significant increase in the College’s work on guideline and standards development.


The RCOG continues to collect evidence of undermining in the NHS – cases of poor workplace behaviours by management and colleagues have been sent to the RCOG electronically. The RCOG will now speak to the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges to develop a strategy to tackle undermining nationally and across disciplines with the support of the Royal College of Surgeons

The RCOG will pilot an Advanced Fellowship Training initiative for international doctors who want to train in the UK. The RCOG is currently working on the support and supervisory structures needed to assist newly-arrived consultants to acclimatise to life in the UK.

UK affairs

  • The recommendations of Becoming Tomorrow’s Specialist (in areas such as mentoring, buddying and leadership) have been mapped to the Board’s work agenda.
  • Following a request from clinical directors for better communications channels, an online forum is being developed so they have a direct platform to communicate with one another.
  • A data integrity group has been set up to feed into the RCOG’s wider digital strategy.

Global health

  • Funding has been secured for an intercollegiate project to provide postgraduate specialty training and leadership development in post-Ebola Sierra Leone.
  • Health Education England has produced DVDs on their FGM e-learning programme for a non-NHS audience. Copies have been sent to the RCOG and will be redistributed to members in countries where FGM is still practised.

Strategic development

The Leading Safe Choices best practice papers  have been well-received in the UK and internationally. A training manual will be published soon. Council was alerted to a free training programme that will take place at the RCOG on 28 September to train midwives and practice nurses on the insertion of IUDs.

Representation working party

An implementation team will work on the recommendations of the report. Members would have received the letters from the President in June following May Council on the changes to electing a new President. These changes, including the regional and international roadshows will add an additional six months of activity for the current team of Officers including a call for an AGM in April-May 2016, with the vote for the President in September 2016. The new President and team of Officers are therefore expected to begin their term of office in April 2017.