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Council précis, November 2014

This page contains the précis from the Council meeting which took place on 21 - 22 November 2014. 

Friday 21 November 2014

RCOG lead at the BMA

Mr Andrew Drakeley is the O&G representative on the BMA Consultants Committee and provides input on the specialty’s views into workforce and staffing issues. A current stream of work is contract negotiations over the effects of seven-day working in hospitals. Other issues that have been discussed at meetings are rota gaps and restrictions on the numbers of overseas doctors training in the NHS. Mr Drakeley will have an annual slot at Council to update Council on his work.

Global health

  • There are plans to set up a permanent local fistula service in Kitovu, Uganda through the RCOG Marcus Filshie Fellowship 
  • O&G skills training: franchised courses are being set up in the Middle East, Memorandum of Understanding have been signed with Iraq and Kuwait, safe abortion care and contraception gynaecological skills pilots are being set up in Ghana and Uganda.
  • MTI scheme: a new induction programme has been set up to offer better support for doctors on the scheme. RCOG is looking into increasing placement opportunities.
  • Project cells are planned in Iraq, Kuwait and India to start up new RCOG exam centres and partnerships. A Gulf Steering Group has been set up.

Saturday 22 Nov 2014

Strategic development

  • The next Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report will focus on women’s health and how services should respond to protect women and girls. An RCOG Clinical Fellow, under the supervision of Vice President Prof Lesley Regan, has been appointed to the Department of Health to work on the report.
  • The College is currently developing an advocacy and philanthropic function. It is working with an anonymous donor on a family planning project to improve women’s access to services in the developing world. The aims of this project are to reduce maternal mortality and improve child outcome with partnerships in-country. This will harness the RCOG’s expertise in education/training, guideline development and capacity-building via its global networks. Sites in Tanzania and South Africa have been chosen for the family planning programme.

UK affairs

  • The College is starting a UK Board as a forum to implement the recommendations of Becoming Tomorrow’s Specialist. This will be an inclusive forum and links with the specialist societies and medical bodies like the BMA will be formalised. The Board will work closely with the CPD and Education Policy & Quality departments to drive forward the agenda on revalidation.
  • Rota gap issues – following the workshop at the Saturday Council meeting in September, a report will be published in due course to capture the views expressed by members on the current and future challenges facing the specialty.


  • The RCOG is looking into how the curriculum framework for trainees could be used as a model for CPD.
  • The GMC are conducting spot checks at units on undermining and has shared with the RCOG the high-level reports they have produced for trusts to tackle the issue. The RCOG has developed toolkits to help O&G departments to manage the problem and is advising other Royal Colleges on good practice.

Clinical Quality

The College has launch its Each Baby Counts project to reduce the term intrapartum stillbirth and neonatal death through birth injury rates by 50% by 2020. This will account for around 500 births. As part of this project, the department will improve clinical governance and standards and develop tools to prevent such deaths by examining Serious Untoward Incidents, through root cause analyses so that lessons can be learned. A request will go out to each trust to nominate a lead EBC reporter to submit data online to the RCOG EBC team.

Academic Board

The Board has wide representation from across the College membership, including trainees. At present, the RCOG is the only Royal College with an academic curriculum, an established network of schools with academic leads and a community of leaders to discuss the academic ATSM.