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Council précis, September 2015

This page contains the précis from the Council meeting which took place on 25-26 September 2015. 

Friday 25 September

Representation Working Party Report

Following the decision at a previous Council to change the voting procedures, a schedule has been drawn up for the President to visit the regions and selected representative groups to explain the implications of these changes. Useful feedback from the global membership on the preferred electoral system has been received following visits. A General Meeting will be held at the RCOG in February 2016 where Presidential nominations will be called. The vote will take place in May and voting for the Vice Presidential positions will be held in July. Following this timeline, the new group of Officers will take their positions at the September 2016 Council meeting.

Saturday 26 September 2015

UK Affairs

  • Council representatives of the committees of the devolved nations will now be able to discuss the issues in their respective countries at each Council meeting.
  • Online resources (such as advice on job planning, dealing with workforce issues) are being developed to support the Clinical Directors’ network. The College is also looking into peer-to-peer and buddying support through links being formed with a service provider. This will take the form of an online mentoring platform.

Clinical Quality

  • Invited Reviews: Following increasing demand from Trusts for service and performance reviews, the RCOG’s Invited Review scheme have been relaunched. More information can be found on the Invited Review service webpage. New lay assessors have been recruited. A lessons learned document comprising common themes that have emerged from invited reviews will be published soon.
  • Clinical indicators: There have been issues around the quality of data from Hospital Episode Statistics. Better maternity surveillance is possible if trusts submit good quality data.


Global health

  • The RCOG is looking at ways to provide better support for doctors on the MTI scheme.
  • The RCOG is working with the West African College to help rebuild Sierra Leonean healthcare system following the Ebola crisis in 2014. There are currently no O&G consultants in the country.

Strategic development

  • The Leading Safe Choices project is developing local ambassadors in Tanzania and South Africa. There have also been requests to run LSC in neighbouring countries.
  • There is support from clinical colleagues such as the Royal College of Midwives to explore better provision of and access to postpartum family planning services in the UK. There are issues around training and staff competencies and ensuring that these services are included in maternity unit specifications so that they are commissioned appropriately.