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Janice Rymer

Janice Rymer, International Representative, Australasia, Pacific Rim and Americas, writes about what it’s like being on Council... 

Janice Rymer

‘You really do feel at the centre of all the action!’

When I was a Member I was on Council for six years and now as a Fellow I have just done another six years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on Council as you are the bridge between the RCOG and your region, in my case initially London and then, as an international representative, for the Americas, the Pacific Rim and Australasia.

You really do feel at the centre of all the action! You are made aware of the current issues that are challenging medicine and O&G, as at our Friday meetings we debate or discuss hot topics often with invited relevant experts. We also get a daily update of relevant topics that have been reported in the press that day.

As a Council member you also sit on other committees which may be to do with education, global health, quality, ethics, consumers etc. This means that you are at the heart of the decision making process for the RCOG.

You also expand your professional and social network by meeting people through Council, committees, Congresses and dinners, and this takes you into other medical and non-medical circles.

Council members all seem to be very committed people who are excellent role models for our profession. They give up their time freely to take our profession forward. It has been an honour and a privilege for me to have had 12 years on Council and I am sure I am a better person for it!

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