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Nick Raine-Fenning

Nick Raine-Fenning, past Members’ Representative, East Midlands, writes about what it’s like being on Council...

Nick Raine-Fenning

‘The College is our College and we can and must support it and help it’

It was not an easy decision to apply for Council. I wanted to and to some degree felt it was something I was duty bound to do, but I had some reservations. I had spoken to other Councillors and was aware of the commitment the role needed and of the importance of the position. I wanted to make sure that I was the right person to represent the Members of Trent. As an academic I was also uncertain if the post was better suited to a more clinical based person and one with a broader interest than reproductive medicine and early pregnancy. I had a fairly good understanding of how the College worked but was unsure how much I would be able to contribute and whether I could influence decisions and see through changes that I personally thought were needed.

As it turns out none of these things really mattered. The College is our College and we can and must support it and help it. There are many ways to do this and being on Council is just one, but it’s arguably the one I’d recommend. The last three years have not only been informative and enlightening but also great fun. I’ve made many new friends and had some wonderful evenings at the College. I’ve enjoyed seeing the trainees graduate and Members become Fellows and it’s been an honour and privilege to share the day with them. There are many highlights but I’m most proud of representing the Members on the Representation Working Party and seeing the impact our Report has had on the structure of Council and how we will now vote for our President. It shows the College listens and responds to its Fellows and Members and does what is right.

So if you are considering standing for election to Council and, like I was, are not quite sure that you are the right person or that Council might not be right for you, then think again and go for it. You’ll meet some great people, you’ll get to know and understand your College better and you’ll have an opportunity to represent your colleagues and make a difference. What’s not to like?

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