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Invited review service: Case studies

The RCOG receives invitations from healthcare organisations where there is a wish to improve women’s health care. Each request is unique and we provide a tailored approach to meet the needs of the service.

Some examples of how the RCOG has facilitated improvement include:

  • Assessing individual clinical performance
  • Reviewing clinical risks and patient safety
  • Improving teamwork and collaboration
  • Managing service demands effectively
  • Identifying solutions for workforce issues
  • Assessment of service capacity and safety
  • Compliance with recognised standards and national guidance
  • Reviewing governance structures and procedures

Case studies

The following examples illustrate the variety and scope of reviews that the RCOG has delivered:

Completed reviews

Our service and individual reviews are not normally shared outside of the commissioning organisation. However, in early 2014 the RCOG was approached to undertake an independent review of maternity services across Cumbria and North Lancashire (PDF, 2.45 mb) to consider the viability of having four consultant-led maternity units.

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