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Case study: Compliance with guidance and standards

Adverse events and untoward incidents triggered an RCOG review of the obstetric and gynaecology services in a Trust. 

We were asked to assess the safety of the service using national standards, and to advise on the implementation of the ‘Tomorrow’s Specialist’ paper (RCOG 2012). 


Our assessors concluded that, although the women’s services had improved over time, there were still aspects that fell below the expected standard and needed attention and recommended that the following areas were addressed immediately:

  • Review clinical practice on the management of miscarriage against NICE Guidelines 
  • Set up a prospective audit of hysterectomy and laparoscopic surgery
  • Develop the ‘Lead for the Early Pregnancy Unit’ role to ensure more consistent decision-making and identify a colleague to be responsible for infertility services
  • Develop one-stop clinics as outlined in the ‘Standards for Gynaecology’ (RCOG 2008)

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