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Case study: Training across two hospital sites

A review was commissioned by a Trust to evaluate the clinical training programmes and opportunities in obstetrics and gynaecology and to review the supervision provided to trainee junior medical staff and student midwives across two sites following concerns about patient safety and aspects of training raised during a Deanery visit. 


There was clearly much work already underway at the Trust to address these concerns and our assessors were able to support the Trust further with the following additional recommendations:

  • Formation of a trainees group with regular meetings and dedicated Newsletter to improve communications
  • The development of new Training Needs Analysis Guidance and increasing attendance by all levels of staff at mandatory training courses
  • Freeing up trainees’ time with nursing and midwifery staff undertaking roles such as phlebotomy
  • Increasing the presence of senior personnel in obstetric triage to develop junior trainees
  • Identifying a trainee representative to work with the rota coordinator to allocate sufficient training sessions to maintain consultant continuity

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