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Admission ceremony FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the College's admission ceremonies

Admission ceremonies at the College will take place in the Main Hall.

Before your ceremony you are referred to as a Fellow elect or Member elect – a person who is about to elevated.

Sadly, space limitations and health and safety reasons means that we can only allow 2 guests per Fellow/Member elect.



When will I be eligible to use the designatory letters "MRCOG" or "FRCOG"?

Prior to the ceremony, you are required to fulfil the requirements of completing all necessary forms and paying the advised remittance.

Members: Once this has been arranged, you become a full Member of the RCOG and eligible to use the relevant designatory letters MRCOG.

Fellows: Once this has been arranged, during your ceremony, at the point of conferment either in person or absentia, you are elevated to a full Fellow of the RCOG and eligible to use the relevant designatory letters FRCOG.


Do I require a ticket?

Fellow/Member elects do not require a ticket but please ensure you have booked your place onto your ceremony using the booking platform.

2 tickets are guaranteed to each Fellow/Member elect who requests them.


Can I request additional guest tickets?

We can only guarantee 2 tickets per Fellow/Member elect.

You are strongly advised not to make any arrangements (including travel) for any guests unless their ticket has been confirmed.

A video transmission is available on the day of the ceremony and any additional guests are welcome to watch the ceremony. We cannot guarantee any additional guests will be able to sit in the Main Hall.


Can I invite additional guests to the post-ceremony reception?

Unfortunately, the post-ceremony reception is open to ticket holders only due to limited space.


Can I bring children to the ceremony?

This is a celebratory occasion for the family so children are welcome to attend. If the child/children are under the age of 5, they can sit on the lap of one of your guests in the Nuffield Hall or be directed to the family room with one of your guests. Any child over the age of 5 will need to have their own guest ticket.

Due to fire regulations we are required to have an accurate count of how many people are in Main Hall and the family room. This number includes babies and children.


What facilities are there for children?

Ceremonies typically last for around an hour and there are no crèche or childcare facilities provided by the RCOG. Out of respect for other guests we request that small children be taken to the family room if they become unsettled during the ceremony so as not to disturb proceedings.

A family room is available for ticketed guests only. There will be a video transmission of the ceremony shown. Children must be accompanied at all times by your guests, as Fellow/Member elects sit in a separate area and children will not be able to sit with you during the ceremony.

Baby changing and breastfeeding facilities are located on the ground floor of the RCOG.


How will I receive my ticket?

Tickets will be issued to you on the day of the ceremony at registration.


What are the seating arrangements?

Fellows/Members will have allocated seating in the Main Hall.

All guest seating is unreserved (i.e. specific seat numbers are not assigned to guests). If your guests have particular requirements such as disabled access, please contact the Membership Events Coordinator at

Guests will be directed to unassigned seats by ceremony stewards upon entering the Main Hall.


How long does the ceremony last?

Ceremonies typically lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.


How do I obtain a letter to accompany my visa application?

The membership team can provide a letter to accompany your visa application.

Contact the Membership Assistant at and request an "admission ceremony invitation" letter.

Unfortunately, we unable to provide an invitation letter that specifically names any of your accompanying guests.


I do not wish to shake hands when I receive my certificate for cultural reasons

This is absolutely fine – please notify the Membership Events Coordinator the Membership Events Coordinator in advance of the ceremony so that the President may be informed.

During the ceremony, we ask that you pause in front of the President to have your photograph taken.


Can I take photos or selfies during the ceremony?

An "on the stage" photograph will be taken of every Fellow/Member elect with the President during the Ceremony.

Guests are only permitted to take photos/videos prior to and during the ceremony from their seat. No filming or photography is permitted from the aisles or where it may obstruct the space of the official photographer.

We accept that Fellows/Members will also want to take photos of their friends as they receive their award, but again, the ceremony flow must not be impeded or delayed by this. Therefore, taking selfies on stage is not permitted.


Is parking available at the College?

There are no parking facilities at the College.

An NCP car park is situated near the College's new home in Union Street at London Bridge: