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Fellows and Members subscription structure

The 2018 subscription fee structure for RCOG Fellows and Members

UK* and Republic of Ireland subscription rates

  Standard fee  Direct debit* annual Direct debit* installments
Practising within O&G £583 £557 £145.75 x 4
Practising wholly outside of O&G £160 £134 £40.00 x 4
Career break, maternity leave, unemployed, unable to work for 12 months or more £160 £134 £40.00 x 4

*UK includes those resident in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and HM British Armed Forces

** Reduction up to £120 applied upon receipt of your annual CPD certificate prior to 31 March of the year for which you wish to pay a reduced fee

International subscription rates

Countries have been classified according to per capita income, based on the latest World Bank figures, and members will pay a rate dependent on the band in which their country of residence is located. Country bandings can be viewed here.

International Membership fees for 2018 Country band Rate
Practising within O&G A £211
  B £128
  C £89
Practising wholly outside of O&G N/A £57

Payment methods available

Contact us

Please read the membership subscription FAQs.

Enquiries regarding subscription balances, payments and receipts should be directed to the Finance Department: tel: +44 20 7772 6258; fax +44 20 7772 6409; alternatively you may email

Enquiries concerning retirement or special circumstances should be made to the Membership Department: tel: +44 20 7772 6248; fax + 44 20 7772 6359; alternatively you may email

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