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Fellows and Members subscription structure

The 2020 subscription fee structure for RCOG Fellows and Members

UK* and Republic of Ireland subscription rates

  Standard fee  Direct debit* annual Direct debit* installments
Practising within O&G £600 £600 £150 x 4
Practising wholly outside of O&G £165 £165 £41.25 x 4
Career break, maternity leave, unemployed, unable to work for 12 months or more £165 £165 £41.25 x 4

*UK includes those resident in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and HM British Armed Forces


International subscription rates

Countries have been classified according to per capita income, based on the latest World Bank figures, and members will pay a rate dependent on the band in which their country of residence is located. Country bandings can be viewed here.

International Membership fees for 2018 Country band Rate
Practising within O&G A £261
  B £150
  C £93
Practising wholly outside of O&G N/A £57


Payment methods available


Contact us

Please read the membership subscription FAQs.

Enquiries regarding subscription balances, payments and receipts should be directed to the Finance Department:

Enquiries concerning retirement or special circumstances should be made to the Membership Department:


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