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Peer2Peer Support service

Professional development and support

This section provides information on the RCOG Peer2Peer Support service.

RCOG Peer2Peer Support service

Our Peer2Peer Support service is an online directory that enables you to connect with another RCOG member to aid your professional development. Whether you are preparing to become a new consultant, moving into a new management position or planning for your retirement there are other members who have been through the same experience and want to support you.

The aim of the Peer2Peer Support service is to provide non-clinical guidance on topics such as people management, leadership, professional development and job planning.

You can register as a mentor and/or a mentee, giving everyone the opportunity to support their peers whatever career stage you may be at.

Types of support available 

The type of support required will vary from individual to individual. The different types are:

  • Buddying: someone to provide advice about a specific or day-to-day clinical management problem or dealing with a difficult staff issue.
  • Coaching: may be sought to acquire a specific defined skill as part of a learning development plan.
  • Mentoring: for a more structured ongoing relationship.

Throughout the site, for consistency, we refer to all the types of support available under the one term of ‘mentoring’.

Confidentiality and professionalism

Peer2Peer Support is a confidential, online buddying service for RCOG members only. Issues discussed regarding work or personal issues should not be shared outside the Peer2Peer relationship unless there is a specific agreement between the mentor and mentee or a safety issue arises. The mentor is expected to uphold the GMC duties of a doctor should a safety issue become apparent. Individuals using the Peer2Peer Support service are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and professionalism at all times.

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