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Professor Ashley Moffett, England

Professor Ashley Moffett became Fellow ad eundem at the September 2015 Fellowship ceremony in London, England.

Professor Ashley MoffettProfessor Ashley Moffett is Professor of Reproductive Immunology, Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge. Over the last 25 years Professor Moffett has been one of the world’s leading researchers into understanding the immunology of trophoblast invasion and its role in placentation. Her groundbreaking research has been published by Nature, describing how the human immune system has evolved to meet these challenges: the need to fight infections, but also the need to be able to reproduce.

The research undertaken by Professor Moffett into the maternal uterine immune system has been crucial in the understanding of the process of placentation. The classic schemas that she has published on trophoblast invasion are used as the standard description by all workers in the field and her graphics are a mainstay of all presentations on the subject. Her pioneering work on the genetic influences in both maternal and fetal immunological expression and response and has been cited many hundreds of times and is in the top 1% of cited publications in reproductive science.

Professor Moffett’s work has led to trials in therapeutic intervention and given hope to the many thousands of women who suffer miscarriage and placental pathology in pregnancy.

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