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Professor Roberto Romero, United States of America

Professor Roberto Romero became Fellow ad eundem at the May 2015 Fellowship ceremony in Brisbane, Australia.

Professor Romero has been an outstanding researcher and teacher and has made substantial contributions to the world literature in areas of diagnosis of ectopic pregnancies, prenatal diagnosis, amniocentesis and infection as a cause of preterm birth and cerebral palsy. He and Murray Mitchell led the team that discovered the only known cause of premature labour: infection in the membranes lining the uterus.

He is the recipient of numerous awards over the years, including ISUOG Award presented by the International Society for Ultrasound Gynecologists from 1995 2000; the CAOG Young Investigator's Award presented in 1999; and many more. Widely published with his most recent book "Preterm Labor" published in 1997, Romero participates as editor and a member of the editorial board for such publications as "Prenatal and Neonatal Medicine."

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