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Fellowship ad eundem and honoris causa

Fellowships ad eundem and honoris causa are awarded by the RCOG in recognition of the work of individuals who are not Members or Fellows of the RCOG, but who have contributed in some way to the advancement of obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G), women’s healthcare services and/or the work of the RCOG. This page sets out eligibility criteria, how to nominate someone and the appointment process.


A Fellowship ad eundem is bestowed by the College to individuals who:

  • Have demonstrated, through research or clinical commitment, major contributions to obstetrics, gynaecology or reproductive health and
  • Have contributed to the advancement of the science or practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in a substantial way and
  • Are of an extremely high scientific calibre

A Fellowship honoris causa is bestowed by the College to individuals who have demonstrated:

  • The highest level of dedication and achievement in clinical care or
  • The highest level of support to the development of women’s healthcare services or
  • The highest level of work/support for the RCOG

Nominating people

  • Only RCOG Fellows or Members can nominate someone for a Fellowship ad eundem or honoris causa
  • The nominator’s proposal should be supported by a Member or Fellow of the RCOG
  • The nominator needs to complete the nomination form (Word document, 283 kb), provide a supporting statement and ideally a CV or profile for the nominee; the assessing panel can normally only make their decision on the evidence submitted as part of the nomination process

Appointing Fellowship ad eundem and honoris causa

You can submit nominations at any time by emailing your nomination form (Word document 283kb) to

An RCOG panel of assessors reviews all nominations and determines who will be granted a Fellowship ad eundem or honoris causa.

The assessment panel meets once a year, usually in the summer, to consider the nominations and make a decision. The list of individuals who have been granted a Fellowship ad eundem or honoris causa is published in O&G, the membership magazine of the RCOG, and online following the Council meeting where the names are presented.

Deadline for 2018 nominations

To be considered by the next assessment panel, please send nominations before Saturday 30 June 2018.


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