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Our mission

The NGA's mission is to produce high-quality evidence-based research to promote health and wellbeing by developing standards of care.

The NGA is committed to delivering quality through the following values:

NGA icon People

People-focused and supportive

We understand the importance of empowering and enabling everyone involved in the NGA's work.

NGA icon Excellence


We are rigorous and apply respected research techniques to develop evidence-based analyses and guidance for clinical and social care practice.

NGA icon Accountable

Accountable and transparent

We are consistent, approachable and accessible. We work with integrity.

NGA icon Innovative

Innovative and ambitious

We are committed to achieving continuous improvement by being solution-focused, adaptable and dynamic. We seek new and challenging opportunities to grow our business.

NGA icon Connected


We are collaborative, establishing and maintaining partnerships across diverse geographies, institutions and perspectives.

What our team members say about us

"We have very diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise… Everyone is a real expert in what they do. This has a big impact on motivation."

"You don’t really have a standard NGA day… You’re doing things that you haven’t necessarily done quite the same way before and that makes it interesting."

"Working on guidelines is very rewarding. It does have a very practical and real-world impact."

What our external collaborators say about us

"Really enjoyed it and felt that it was great to be part of such a friendly, productive and supportive team."

"I have learnt so much from each person. It was coherent and functional as it was made up of individuals who respected each other."

"Everyone worked hard and contributed, whilst listening to and really respecting each other."


About the NGA

About the NGA

Overview of the NGA and how it was created

Contact us

Contact us

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