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Annual Guideline Committee member feedback questionnaire

The annual Guideline Committee member survey shows a positive trend, which addressed the identified areas for improvement from last year. 82% of Guideline Committee members said they would recommend being on a Guideline Committee to a colleague.


Customer feedback

At the NGA, one of our main customer groups are the members of our Guideline Committees. We are incredibly grateful and reliant on the time and expertise they provide us and want to provide them with the best possible service in return. As we did last year, we wanted to ask Guideline Committee members how well they perceived we are delivering that service.

Further to last year the feedback had a positive trend.


Who did we ask?

In the summer of 2018 the Guideline Committee member feedback questionnaire was sent to 237 Guideline Committee members across 17 guidelines. This was sent to all Guideline Committee members who are on guideline which had been in development for a period of three months or more or which was published less than two months before the questionnaire was circulated.

Of those we asked, 131 completed questionnaires were received (55% response rate).

All responses are anonymised and we asked 7 quantitative questions and also gave the opportunity to provide qualitative feedback.


What did we find?

From the 2017 survey we took on the feedback that we could do more work in improving both the induction process and the Guideline Committee member’s experience of the expenses policy and process.

Happily the results have reflected a positive trend which is reflective of the work we have done in this area and are as follows:

  • The results were encouraging in that overall the majority NGA Guideline Committee members are enjoying working with us
  • There was a greater number of ‘excellent’ ratings and a fewer number of ‘poor’ ratings provided by the GC members surveyed compared to 2017.
  • There is some evidence that people enjoy their experience working with us as their committee tenure lengthens.
  • Our communications are well received, especially presentations at committee meetings
  • Induction can be improved further with a request for more information about the process in the first few meetings
  • There are further improvements we can make to our expenses processes
  • 82% of GC members said that they would recommend being on a Guideline Committee to a colleague.


Qualitative responses per question

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Change in ratings per question 2018 versus 2017


What are the next steps?

From the results and internal lessons learnt we have developed a number of recommendations in order to continue the positive trend. These are focused around the scope for improvement in particular with respect to the committee’s experience of the travel and expenses process and also with the communication of workload expectation in advance.

We will also run the questionnaire again in 2019 to measure the impact of these changes.


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