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Committee vacancies and consultation for Multiple Pregnancy guideline update

The public are invited to comment on the draft scope and apply for positions on the Guideline Committee. 

The National Guideline Alliance (NGA) has been commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to update the NICE guideline on Multiple Pregnancy.

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape how the NHS provides care for women with multiple pregnancies.

Guideline Committees comprise of leading healthcare experts as well as people with personal experience of a condition (lay people). The NGA is commissioned by NICE to develop guidelines using a multi-disciplinary health services research team with expertise in systematic reviewing, information science and health economics.

Guideline Committee member roles

As a Guideline Committee (GC) member you will have the opportunity to help develop the guideline supported by the NGA staff.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if you are a practising health professional with demonstrable relevant experience and knowledge of multiple pregnancies or have experienced multiple pregnancy yourself:

Guideline Committee (GC) member positions

  • Lay members with experience of Multiple pregnancy (x 2)
  • Consultant Obstetrician (x 2)
  • Midwife (x 2)
  • General Practitioner (x 2)
  • Ultrasonographer  (x 1)
  • Neonatologist (x 1)
  • Health services commissioner (x 1)

We are also looking for the following co-opted members who would attend 2 or 3 meetings in an advisory function:

Co-opted Guideline Committee (GC) member position

  • Anaesthetist (x1)

To apply, visit the NICE website:

Closing date for applications: 10.00am on Tuesday 19 September 2017

Scope consultation

A draft scope is available on the NICE website for stakeholder comment. The stakeholder consultation runs parallel with applications for Guideline Committee member positions.

To find out more about the draft guidance, register as a stakeholder or submit comments, please visit the NICE website.

The deadline for contributions is 5.00pm on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

About the NGA

About the NGA

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