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New NICE guideline on Safeguarding Adults in Care Homes published

We are happy to announce the publication of the NICE guideline developed by the National Guideline Alliance (NGA) on Safeguarding adults in care homes.

Over 465,000 people live in the 22,000 care homes in the UK. Many of these people have high care and support needs, and are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. As well as care home residents, there are people with care and support needs that stay at care homes for short periods, including as day visitors.

This guideline addresses the key areas related to keeping adults in care homes safe from abuse and neglect. It includes potential indicators of abuse and neglect (by individuals and by organisations), and covers the safeguarding process from identifying and reporting a concern through to making a safeguarding referral to the local authority and supporting people through a section 42 safeguarding enquiry. There are recommendations on policy, training, learning and care home culture, to help care homes improve staff awareness of safeguarding and ensure people are willing and able to report concerns when needed.

Safeguarding adults in care homes (NG189)

Read the guideline on the NICE website

The guideline is for:

  • Care home providers, managers, staff and volunteers
  • Other health and social care practitioners working with adults in care homes
  • Health and social care commissioners of residential care for adults
  • Local authorities and Safeguarding Adults Boards
  • Adults living in care homes, their families, friends, carers and advocates, and the public.


"Safeguarding adults in care homes" (NG189) is available on the NICE website from Friday 26 February 2021:


About the NGA

About the NGA

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