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Policies and forms

NGA logoThe below NGA policies and forms should be followed as required by Guideline Committee members when engaging in NGA activity.

The most current version of each policy is maintained on this webpage. To ensure you are using the most current document, please always refer to this website when wishing to follow any of the NGAs published policies.

Deadline for submitting expense claims

At the NGA, we are approaching the end of the financial year and require all guideline committee expenses incurred during 2016/17 to be processed before year end. All Guideline Committee members have been communicated with weekly regarding these deadlines.

In order to ensure that claim payments are made promptly and accurately, Guideline Committee members are to return claim forms and receipts to as soon as possible in line with the periods below. Due to the year end we are required to tighten our submission windows:

  • If you had a GC meeting in February the deadline for submitting claims is 3rd March 2017
  • If you have a GC meeting within March the deadline for submitting claims is 3rd April 2017

Please do contact us in advance of the dates above if these deadlines present an issue via

We thank our committee members in advance for their understanding in this matter.