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Environmental policy: tackling climate change

RCOG Green Group logoThe effects of climate change are beginning to be felt and will impact on our lives and those of our children and our children’s children.

As clinicians and healthcare professionals, we believe that we have a duty to do as much as we can to lower and curtail the tide of climate change.

RCOG green policy

The RCOG supports environmental policies to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency in the NHS. In addition, the College believes that a life-course approach to health can lead to significant improvements in the population’s health.

The RCOG supports the work of the Climate and Health Council (CHC), which seeks to raise awareness about global warming and the need for healthcare professionals to act on climate change. RCOG members are encouraged to sign up to the CHC’s online pledge.

Green Group

The RCOG has a staff committee, the Green Group, which monitors and implements good practices in waste and energy management at the College. The Green Group has developed a 10-point charter for RCOG employees, and is working on a sustainability strategy to encompass all aspects of the College’s work. Read our 2011 update of progress against the 10-point charter (PDF, 143 kb).

Recent RCOG green initiatives

  • The RCOG responds to the NHS Sustainable Development Unit consultation on the sustainability strategy for the health and care sector
  • Data on carbon emissions is collected routinely, including all travel undertaken for College business by staff, Officers and Fellows/Members
  • The RCOG engages staff and Fellows/Members in the national Climate Week
  • The RCOG café clearly labels the source of food produce and promotes local and sustainable suppliers
  • The RCOG replaces its cycle rack and encourages visitors to cycle to the College; there’s a TfL Cycle Hire Docking Station very close to the College and we encourage you to cycle the next time you visit
  • The RCOG holds a ‘Green Day’ on the day of the Admission Ceremony; Fellows/Members and staff are encouraged to calculate their carbon footprint and discover what the College is doing to tackle climate change.
  • The Green Group releases a progress report on the RCOG Green Charter (PDF, 131 kb)
  • A joint letter from RCOG/RCM/RCN//RCP/RCPCH on the need for healthcare professionals to act on climate change is published in the Guardian

Useful links

Below are some useful links to sources of information on green issues relating to health care:


These publications will be useful to anyone interested in climate change and health care, particularly women's health care.

Contact us

For more information about the RCOG’s green policy please email the Chair of the Green Group, Alex Baker

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