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Q&A with Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore (OGSS)

In 2019, the RCOG launched the Transforming Women’s Health fundraising campaign to help raise vital funds for the College.

In support of this campaign, our Fellows and Members in Singapore generously donated over £100,000 to name our ground-floor meeting room, ‘The Singapore Room’. We talked to Professor Ho Tew-Hong, previous President of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore (OGSS), about why they’re supporting the RCOG.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about the OGSS, and its vision for women’s health?

The OGSS is one of two major organisations that provide support for O&G activities, working hand-in-hand with the College of O&G, Singapore. It is a very inclusive society with an outreach that transcends the very junior to the very senior doctors.

Our vision is that women’s health should be given equal opportunities by governments worldwide to research into disease that affects women and girls, and to apply that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce the burdens of illness and disability.

What are the key benefits of your relationship with the RCOG?

We see the RCOG as the champion of women’s and girl’s health. Its global outreach in education, training and clinical excellence is much to be admired.

The MRCOG examination is an international benchmark qualification and is robust and consistently high quality. This has been a prized possession of every obstetrician and gynaecologist worldwide, including in Singapore.

You have a long history with the RCOG. What are some of your memories of Sussex Place?

It was awe-inspiring when I first set foot on the RCOG premises at Sussex Place, to take my MRCOG examination in 1981.

It was snowing slightly when I left the College, walking the stretch of road towards Baker Street tube station, on the way back to my accommodation. It was so surreal, travelling 10,841 km from Singapore to sit the examination in London, and feeling the emotions after an exhaustive VIVA, including discussion on the topic of potato consumption and neural tube defects!

OGSS visit to Sussex Place: Eugene Huang, Tye Wenxiu, Serene Thain, Ho Tew-Hong and Wong Peng Cheang at the RCOG in 2017
Eugene Huang, Tye Wenxiu, Serene Thain, Ho Tew-Hong and Wong Peng Cheang at the RCOG in 2017


How did the RCOG’s Fellows and Members in Singapore respond to the idea of naming a room at Union Street?

In 2001, we responded to a similar appeal called Dig Deep, to contribute to the new Education Centre at Sussex Place.

I felt this current fundraising campaign was another opportunity for Fellows and Members in Singapore to strengthen our excellent partnership and commitment to the RCOG. I am ever grateful to everyone for their personal contributions to help advance global health for women and girls.

We are all excited about the new building and its capacity for education and training. Change brings new beginnings and we look forward to many new and innovative initiatives.

What would you say to anyone else considering supporting the College in this way?

I would encourage all Members, Fellows and friends of the RCOG to play a part in supporting the College’s global vision: to transform the health of women and girls through education, training and clinical excellence. Together we will make it.

The RCOG is extremely grateful for the generosity of all our room sponsors, and everyone who has given so far to our Transforming Women’s Health fundraising campaign. Your support really is making a difference.

There are still opportunities to get involved

If you are interested in becoming a room sponsor and supporting the RCOG at this pivotal time, we still have many rooms available in our new home. These include a variety of learning spaces, and The Meeting Hall – the grand meeting space within the College, where world leaders in the profession will share best practice in education and training.

A gift of £2,000 could sponsor one of 300 chairs in The Meeting Hall. Our vision is that the Hall will become the knowledge hub for women’s health. In recognition of your kind gift, your name will be inscribed on a plaque inside the Hall.

For gifts of £2,500 and over, you can have your name featured on the RCOG Supporter Wall. The wall will be located in the Atrium, the centrepiece of our new building, a magnificent three-storey reception area and meeting hub for our Fellows, Members and visitors from across the globe.


“I ca’t emphasise enough the efforts of Professor Ho in cajoling the Members and Fellows through his personal appeals to reach the final sum that we did. It is a testament to his perseverance and strong ties to Members and Fellows, senior and junior, that our appeal was so successful.”

Dr Lim Min Yu, FRCOG, President of the OGSS

“The RCOG has set high standards, to which we hold ourselves.  The education programmes of the College update and upgrade the practices of obstetrics and gynaecology.  These programmes are inclusive in their depth and breadth, and are applicable across a wide spectrum of health care services around the world”.

Dr Yeoh Swee Choo, FRCOG 1997

Dr Serena Koh Meiling at the new RCOG building in Union Street“The Singapore Room embodies an enduring wish of obstetricians and gynaecologists of my generation and those who came before – namely, a commitment to partnership with the RCOG.

“The incarnation of this wish brings me hope that my nation and my College will forge ahead for the betterment of girls’ and women’s health for many generations to come.”

Dr Serena Koh Meiling, MRCOG 2016