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Exams digitisation

Rolling out our new remote digital exams for members around the world

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The very first seeds of the College’s ambitious exams digitisation project were sown pre-pandemic.

Our clear aim was to radically transform and enhance the candidate’s exam experience moving away from traditional paper-based exam formats to offering digitally agile, computer-based exams, hosted in verified test centres around the world.

This would enable the College to reach its global members, enabling them to sit vital career progression exams far closer to home.

This move kick-started a period of rapid innovation for the College, to ensure it was ready for the very first cohort of candidates to sit their exams in September 2020.

The global digital exams roll out

The global roll out of the College’s exams digitisation programme continues apace. Thousands of candidates have already successfully sat exams across 60 different countries, in just 10 months since the launch of our digital offering in September 2020.

Digital exams success in the first year

  • 91% of candidates agreed that computer-based testing is an improvement on the traditional paper-based format.
  • 361 test centres have hosted RCOG candidates in 60 countries, in three rounds of MRCOG Part 1 and MRCOG Part 2 exam diets since September 2020.
  • Over 6000 RCOG digital exams have been sat by candidates in test centres in just 10 months.
  • Over 500 candidates sat the MRCOG Part 3 globally in 2021, with further expansion outside of the UK in May 2021. A fully remote exam was delivered for 367 candidates supported by five centres in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chennai and Kolkata, with 191 examiners involved.

The system has also automated and integrated candidate registration, exams application and booking, exam sitting, results processing and candidate communication – all in a seamless, secure platform.

Feedback from members on our digital exams

“Having sat both the computer and paper examinations, I found the computer-based examination to be significantly better than the paper-based examination.”

“The location of the test centre was close to my home address and did not require significant travel (as it did previously). Clocking in and out was a much more efficient process. The quality and size of accompanying pictures were better.”

“It was an excellent experience attending the MRCOG Part 3 exam online. Arrangements were excellent, chaperone was very supportive, and talking to chaperone prior to start of exam helped to relieve the tension of exam”

“I would really like to appreciate the RCOG for being the only college that has undertaken the herculean task of conducting remote exams; catering not only to UK based candidates, but also overseas candidates.”

“I really liked the online format. No issues at all and easy to use. Feel it offered the same exam conditions. Significant benefit of cost saving for candidates in an expensive process of professional exams”

What’s next?

The College is aiming for further expansion across future rounds of exams. A key objective for the exams department is ensuring all candidates who want to sit have the opportunity to do so. The College is also planning an additional round of exams (diet) in February 2022 to support meeting demand.