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New RCOG website coming 2022

Creating a first class experience for our website visitors

Banner image showing the new RCOG website

The RCOG is launching a new, modern, and innovative website early in 2022, transforming the existing site to create a clean, clear and easy-to-navigate platform. The new website will share a wealth of important RCOG resources, guidance materials, and useful information with RCOG global members and visitors.

The College is ambitious about its planned transformation – with work under way to create a vastly improved look and feel, easier to use navigation tools and search mechanisms, and enhanced integrations with College systems, such as for booking events and payments.

The RCOG’s goal is to provide a first class user experience for members and other visitors to its site, which includes the potential for creating bespoke elements, such as new personalised user logins and dashboards, recommendations for key pages, and efficient, improved search mechanisms. This is to make sure visitors can navigate around the site to find the information they need easily and quickly – at the click of a mouse.

In just one year (2020), the existing site saw 3.6 million visitors, received 19 million page views, and the College’s vitally important Covid guidance pages (linked to official government guidance) were viewed 4 million times.

These impressive statistics show just how important the wealth of information and pages contained within the College’s site are to its members and visitors, providing a valuable repository of facts and figures.

The new designs and functionality have been tested with 120 RCOG members and users to develop the exciting new look and feel.

Feedback from our members, trainees and members of the public:

“I feel I could find what I’m looking for. The information is nicely structured and broken down on each page.”

“The overall experience is user friendly.”

“Overall impressed – (I can tell) they are focussed on women’s health and information for professionals and the public.”

“It’s simple – it’s not overwhelming. There are fewer distractions, which make it easier to find things.”

Technical enabling projects

The new RCOG website relies on essential technical work, being carried out to improve members’ experiences.

This work will ensure RCOG members’ engagement with the College is seamless, with their data accessible to them, while securely protected and managed. This includes:

  • A single point of sign on when members log on to interact with the College
  • Improving RCOG security systems to create state-of-the-art wraparound security systems, which also manage how external websites access College systems
  • Developing an industry-leading events booking system.