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RCOG President Edward Morris

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The Role of the RCOG in improving maternity safety

15 September 2021

Watch: Dr Eddie Morris, President of the RCOG, talks about the importance of patient safety, and the College’s role in improving maternity and newborn safety

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RCOG marks World Patient Safety Day

13 September 2021

To mark the World Health Organisation’s annual World Patient Safety Day, which takes place on Friday 17 September, the RCOG will be highlighting the College’s work to improve safe maternal and newborn care.

Monthly blog from RCOG President

3 September 2021

No-one in our profession, seeing the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan over the past weeks, can fail to be concerned about the impact of the turmoil on the rights and health of women in the country and those who have been evacuated abroad...

Make Abortion Safe: Advocating for safe access to abortion in Zambia

26 August 2021

Dr Job Mwanza talks about his experience working in sexual and reproductive health, and working with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to advocate for access to safe abortion in Zambia.

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We mustn’t overlook the importance of families in antenatal care

19 August 2021

After three years of development, the new NICE guideline on antenatal care has been published. I was appointed as a lay member to focus on the issues of how maternity services can engage effectively with families...

Obstetricians' approach to proactive safety management

13 August 2021

A view from the outside: RCOG business manager Farrah Pradhan talks about her learning from undertaking a Master’s degree in Patient Safety.

Monthly blog from RCOG President

6 August 2021

For all of us working in medicine, and particularly in our specialty, these are times of huge change and need for adaptability and flexibility...

Group B Strep Awareness Month – Get informed

13 July 2021

By Jane Plumb MBE, Chief Executive Group B Strep Support

Starting with ABC: working together to avoid brain injury in childbirth

5 July 2021

RCOG President Dr Eddie Morris and Royal College of Midwives CEO Gill Walton talk about the announcement this weekend by maternity safety minister Nadine Dorries of £2 million funding for the first phase of a programme to avoid brain injuries in childbirth.

Monthly blog from RCOG President

2 July 2021

In mid-June we hosted our first entirely digital RCOG World Congress...

Fetal genomics with Dr Jessica Woods

23 June 2021

Dr Jessica Woods talks about her work as a fetal genomics fellow – and how you could follow in her footsteps

‘Women and War: The Price of Violence’- watch the Congress presentation for free

14 June 2021

Our first virtual World Congress concluded on Saturday evening and was a phenomenal success. There was one talk that really stood out for me – I felt it was the most important talk for us all – and that was ‘Women and War: the Price of Violence’, by Dr Orly Stern, a researcher, consultant and human rights lawyer from South Africa.

Monthly blog from RCOG President

3 June 2021

This month is one of the most important in the RCOG Calendar. From 9-12 June we are running our first ever virtual World Congress...

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