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A turning point in miscarriage care

10 May 2021

Families should not suffer the heartache of miscarriage in silence. And healthcare providers should not minimise miscarriage...

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Monthly blog from RCOG President

7 May 2021

As your President, over the past year I have performed many varied roles – some I expected, but this year has been dominated by discussions and decisions that I really did not expect at all...

Open letter of support to our colleagues in India

30 April 2021

RCOG President Dr Eddie Morris, Vice President for Global Health Ranee Thakar and Chief Executive, Kate Lancaster write to our four All India Co-ordinating Committee (AICC) Chairs...

Maternal fetal medicine

20 April 2021

Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a very unique medical specialty. It combines both medicine and surgery; acute emergency and elective work. It is one of the most rewarding professions, where we can help and save women and babies lives. 

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Monthly blog from RCOG President

19 April 2021

Last month we noted the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown in the UK. Over the past few weeks we have started the process of slowly coming out of our enforced hibernation...

Civility Saves Lives

30 March 2021

Certain situations in the workplace can be incredibly stressful and if we add on the negative effect of rudeness and undermining behaviour, then this can have a detrimental impact on the performance of individuals and teams. 

The COVID-19 pandemic: A year in women’s health

29 March 2021

This year has been an incredibly challenging year for the healthcare sector, and sadly the ripple effect will have been felt by many women across the UK. It's vital that women’s and girls' health rights remain firmly on the agenda. 

OASI2 – Women’s Perspectives

24 March 2021

Dr Posy Bidwell discusses the recently published evaluation of women’s experiences of the OASI Care Bundle and its importance in identifying areas for improvement in maternity care to ensure the best possible outcomes for women.

Reflections on the Each Baby Counts programme

15 March 2021

When the Each Baby Counts (EBC) programme started in October 2014, our ambition was to reduce the number of stillbirths, neonatal deaths and babies born with severe brain injury related to complications during term labour. This was an extremely important undertaking, highlighting how each baby in our report had a significant, life-changing effect on the women, their families, and also maternity staff. It is vital that we learn as much as possible from these births, so we can collectively work on improving maternity care for all.

Monthly blog from RCOG President

15 March 2021

I hope I am not tempting fate by writing about entering another phase of the pandemic, but it's clear from your messages and the slow return of ‘normal’ work in my own Trust that things are starting to change for the better again...

Monthly blog from RCOG President

12 February 2021

Over the past few weeks, in the usual Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director briefings that I attend there has been a very definite improvement in the mood because we are seeing a fall in new infections and hospital admissions...

Monthly blog from RCOG President

19 January 2021

We all know that the position we find ourselves in now as healthcare professionals is much worse than that which we experienced during the first wave last year...

Christmas blog from RCOG President

22 December 2020

Communiques such as this at this time of year are often written to address key reflections on the year past and hopes for the year ahead. I feel that this message should be used to ask all of us to remember those around the world who have been affected by events this year.

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