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The Role of the RCOG in improving maternity safety

Blog 15 September 2021

Watch: Dr Eddie Morris, President of the RCOG, talks about the importance of patient safety, and the College’s role in improving maternity and newborn safety.

This Friday 17 September marks WHO’s annual World Patient Safety Day. The theme for this year is ‘Safe Maternal and Newborn Care’.

To demonstrate the role of the RCOG in improving patient safety, Dr Eddie Morris’s World Congress 2021 talk on improving maternity safety is now available to watch below.

The RCOG's work to improve maternity safety is multifaceted. It is built on the collaborative training developed in partnership with other women’s health organisations and relies on listening to women’s experiences of care. The RCOG Women’s Voices and Women’s Involvement Panel regularly feed into research.

The College is committed to researching the current realities within maternity care, which Dr Morris talks about in this video.

For example, The Each Baby Counts (EBC) project launched in 2015. Collecting data on the number of babies affected by potential brain injury or death in term labour, the EBC project informed the direction of further research and improvements and opened up a discussion on what has been a very difficult issue.

The research that the College does aims to inform innovations that will make quality improvements to care, and workforce management to ensure that women have the best experience possible giving birth.

As well as nationally, the College advocates for global improvements to women’s health, and works closely with international organisations such as The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Our international work includes advocating for safe abortion care and calling for access to essential healthcare.