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RCOG World Congress: Professor Janice Rymer

We must all take responsibility to end FGM, by Professor Janice Rymer, King’s College London.

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month: Know your body

September marks Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month; a UK-wide initiative led by women’s cancer charity, The Eve Appeal. The campaign aims to

Addressing undermining and bullying

It is now more than six months since I undertook the role of Workplace Behaviours Advisor at the RCOG so now seems a fitting time to reflect on

The Role of the RCOG in improving maternity safety

Watch: Dr Eddie Morris, President of the RCOG, talks about the importance of patient safety, and the College’s role in improving maternity and

Championing women’s human rights

Picture this: You are travelling home in a crowded train late on a Friday afternoon and come across a newspaper article that sends you choking with

New year, new challenges

We are anticipating a busy few months ahead of us. A week ago, the Special Trust Administrator for South London Healthcare NHS Trust published their

Fetal genomics with Dr Jessica Woods

Dr Jessica Woods talks about her work as a fetal genomics fellow – and how you could follow in her footsteps

We mustn’t overlook the importance of families in antenatal care

After three years of development, the new NICE guideline on antenatal care has been published. I was appointed as a lay member to focus on the issues

A turning point in miscarriage care

Families should not suffer the heartache of miscarriage in silence. And healthcare providers should not minimise miscarriage...

Monthly blog from RCOG President

As your President, over the past year I have performed many varied roles – some I expected, but this year has been dominated by discussions and

Farewell from Dr Tony Falconer

As I finish my presidency at the RCOG, I would like to thank everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the last three years.

Obstetricians' approach to proactive safety management

A view from the outside: RCOG business manager Farrah Pradhan talks about her learning from undertaking a Master’s degree in Patient Safety.

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