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Educational supervision


There is quite minimal variation between regions with the positive responses weighted highly in all areas. Across all questions in the Education Supervision section, positive responses were accounted for more than 80%.

Negative responses are, for the most part of similar levels in each region. In several areas ST6-7s had the most positive and also the most negative response rate, it should be noted negative responses are smaller in number and the ST6-7 group is the smallest overall.

25% of those on the new 2016 contract reported difficulties with meeting with their educational supervisor to set a personalised work schedule within 2 weeks of starting their post.



  1. The lowest scoring element was whether trainees had been able to meet with their supervisor within 2 weeks of their start date; 15.9% of trainees were unable to do this and therefore marked this negatively. This initial meeting is important for assessing competencies and learning needs to plan safe practice, work scheduling and training plans and so trainees and trainers should be reminded of the importance of prioritising an early first meeting
  2. It would be useful to survey trainees’ opinions on whether their Educational Supervisors were able to use the ePortfolio effectively and if they were aware of most recent curriculum changes, a question regarding this could potentially be added to the TEF.