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Regional teaching


There has been an increase in the trainees overall satisfaction with regional teaching of 18.9 points. This is a positive finding and demonstrates that TEF data can be used effectively by the Heads of School to drive up standards. Monthly regional teaching still appears to be the most commonly offered and reassuringly the majority of trainees are able to attend monthly or bimonthly.

However, there still seems to be a significant conflict between attending regional teaching and providing service cover. Additionally, senior trainees seem to find regional teaching less appropriate for their level of training and attend sessions less frequently.

Given that overall satisfaction levels with regional teaching have increased despite a reported increase in conflict to attend and a reduction in suitability of content for more senior grades, it would appear that another factor is influencing satisfaction levels. The scope of the TEF questions does not allow for speculation on this factor.



  1. Recommend the removal of the requirement to attend regional training days  for ST6 and 7 trainees on the training matrix as these trainees will be attending courses relevant to advanced training and their ATSMs
  2. Consider a more detailed targeted survey of trainees looking at barriers to satisfaction in regional teaching days.