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Ultrasound training


Overall trend in both Basic Obstetric and Gynaecology ultrasound training is positive with both areas showing improvement in trainee satisfaction compared to 2016 survey.  Analysis of eportfolio reports demonstrates 96% completion of basic ultrasound modules.  However, the TEF report scores are just above 50th centile and therefore sustained efforts are necessary to ensure ongoing improved trainee satisfaction.  Without immediate nor cost-effective solutions for junior doctor rota gaps and the need for more consultant trainers, it is essential to maximise the utilisation of our resources.



  1. In order to improve attainment of basic ultrasound skills, LETBs could consider providing half-day protected sessions on ultrasound simulation in years 1 and 2, which are supervised by trainers.  RCOG Ultrasound Officer, in collaboration with trainee representatives, can develop a template guide for delivery of these training sessions.  This will give trainees an opportunity for supervised learning and also enable basic OSATS to be undertaken
  2. Ultrasound simulators could be made accessible to trainees close to clinical areas to improve greater utilisation after they have attended a supervised simulation training session.  However, it is important to recognise that simulation training should not be a replacement nor a pre-requisite for supervised USS training in a clinical setting
  3. Increase awareness amongst trainers to access StratOG module ‘Train the Trainers: Ultrasound” in order to familiarise them with the curriculum and assessment tools.  RCOG could consider running an interactive “Ultrasound Train the Trainers” course for consultants, senior trainees (ST6+), sonographers and allied specialties to improve their teaching skills specific to the RCOG ultrasound curriculum requirements and motivate them as trainers
  4. Trainers and trainees from regions demonstrating outstanding performance and improvement can share their experience and practice.  Each region highlighted in the report as performing well or showing significant improvement can be asked to complete a brief survey on their USS training structure and delivery.  This can be shared in ‘Training News’ and disseminated in USS network meeting.