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Workplace behaviour


4.46% of the trainees reported being subjected to behaviours which eroded their professional confidence or self-esteem and in a third of the cases, they did not report this. Almost half of the behaviours either remained unresolved or recurred.

The positive response to ‘Not exposed to undermining’ has improved since 2016 TEF which is encouraging but ongoing work is required.

When contacted for advice and support, the Workplace-based champions (WPBC) are a helpful resource for trainees in tackling bullying and undermining, but half of trainees still do not know who their Regional Champion is, with a further 9% finding their Champion either unapproachable or inaccessible.



  1. Develop training in which behaviours and departmental characteristics can contribute to trainees feeling undermined. This training should be part of college Tutor’s mandatory training
  2. WPBCs to raise awareness of their role. We have recently launched a poster to be displayed in the trainee’s offices/on-call room that details the regional WPBC contact details, and we should ensure that this poster is displayed in each unit.
  3. Workplace behaviour champions network to discuss how to make champions more accessible and approachable
  4. Change the TEF question from ‘Local’ WBC to ‘regional’ WBC to remove any confusion.