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Training Evaluation Form (TEF)

The Training Evaluation Form (TEF) enables trainees to give direct feedback on their training, and lets the College monitor and improve the quality of training.

The TEF has been revised as it was being completed and used inconsistently across the UK. The TEF is now a mandatory requirement in the training matrix of educational progression. All trainees are expected to complete the TEF on the ePortfolio.

To improve the quality of training environment Training Unit Quality Criteria have been developed. These demonstrate to training units what constitutes a good training unit. The principal aims of the criteria are to enhance the educational experience of trainees, to drive up the quality of training environments and ultimately to improve patient safety and experience. The quality criteria will aid units to work towards being an effective training unit, help Heads of School to remove poor quality training posts and help trainees to know the environment and experience they are expected to receive.

When to complete the TEF

The dates for the next nationally implemented annual TEF are TBC.

Please note that the TEF will not be running in 2020, to allow for a full review of the process to take place.

We will email trainees to remind them to complete the TEF.

Heads of School in some LETBs may ask their trainees to complete interim TEFs between the national TEFs for local quality management purposes.


Training data analysis

See our detailed analysis of training evaluation data


Data privacy

The RCOG takes protection of personal information very seriously. Only the RCOG ePortfolio Manager will be able to see individually completed TEFs. These will be downloaded without personally identifiable data and formatted into a series of summary reports to be shared with Heads of School, Postgraudate Deans and trainee reps. Comments from the TEF will be sent separately in one spreadsheet to each Head of School and trainee rep.

For more information, please read the TEF confidentiality statement and data privacy policy.


Read frequently asked questions about the TEF.


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