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The mini-CEX (mini clinical evaluation exercise) is one of the workplace-based assessment tools (WPBAs) used in O&G training.


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Skills assessed using the mini-CEX

The mini-CEX is a generic tool that is used to test many different and varied competences. The curriculum lists the competences that can be tested using the mini-CEX.

Trainers will use the mini-CEX to directly assess trainees in:

  • History-taking
  • Clinical examination
  • Formulating management plans
  • Communicating with patients
  • Professional and interpersonal skills

Each mini-CEX should take around 20 minutes. The trainer should provide feedback to the trainee immediately after the assessment.

Trainees should organise mini-CEX assessments with a range of trainers.


Number of mini-CEX

The training matrix of educational progression details the minimum number of mini-CEXs you will need to complete each year.


Mini-CEX forms

You can find the mini-CEX forms in your ePortfolio, or download the forms below:


Contact us

For any general queries about your training and assessment, please email the Trainees’ Coordinator or call +44 20 7772 6348.

If you have any queries about the content of the WPBAs, please email the Assessment Lead or call +44 20 7772 6308.


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