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CESR(CP): advice for Heads of Schools

This page provides guidance for Heads of School on how to manage trainees on the CESR(CP) route to specialist registration.

Which trainees should use the CESR(CP) route?

Please see the main CESR(CP) page and the CESR(CP) FAQs for details of who’s eligible for the CESR(CP) route to specialist registration.

What’s the process for registering on the CESR(CP) route?

There are three stages to the process:

Stage 1: At the time of appointment

The Deanery needs to ensure the applicant has completed the CSER(CP) form (Word 56kb) summarising competence achievement and training progression. The form should be completed with the trainer/Educational Supervisor who has worked most recently with the applicant. The Deanery then needs to send the completed form to the RCOG.

The Deanery needs to clearly define the details of all non-GMC approved posts/experience, and all GMC-approved posts that will be counted towards CESR(CP), at the time of appointment and include these on the form. For each post, these details are required:

  • Type of post
  • Where and when the post was undertaken
  • Exact duration of the post
  • Signature from a senior supervising clinician to confirm satisfactory completion of the post

The Deanery needs to formally record that the applicant is potentially using the CESR(CP) route.

The Deanery needs to inform the RCOG, who will issue a provisional letter of enrolment to the trainee, which states that this will be confirmed at the first ARCP.

Stage 2: At the first ARCP

The first ARCP will normally take place towards the end of the trainee’s first year in the programme and should include:

  • An external representative on the Deanery ARCP panel, who should be intimately involved in this first assessment
  • A critical review of the baseline competences expected at the time of appointment, to confirm they were correct and have now been signed off in the Training ePortfolio
  • An assessment of overall progress in the training year under review, to ensure progression to the next level is appropriate

After the ARCP, the Deanery needs to confirm in writing to the RCOG:

  • Whether the initial appointment level was appropriate and whether all relevant competences have been confirmed
  • If there are any changes to the posts being counted towards the CESR(CP)

If the panel concludes the trainee did not start at the right level, and subsequent educational progression confirms this:

  • The panel should recommend a revised level of training related to the date of the ARCP
  • The Deanery needs to confirm to the RCOG in writing the new end of training or CESR(CP) application date, once the trainee has accepted the ARCP panel’s recommendations

Stage 3: RCOG ratification of time spent in non-GMC-approved posts

The RCOG’s Specialty Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) will review the Deanery’s submission following the first ARCP review and confirm the amount of time which will count towards CESR(CP).

The RCOG will also issue the final letter of enrolment to the trainee, confirming:

  • The revised level at which the trainee joined the training programme
  • The planned CESR(CP) date

The RCOG will copy this letter to the School/Deanery.

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For more information, or if you have any questions, please email the Policy Coordinator (Quality) or call +44 20 7772 6294.

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