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CESR(CP): advice for Heads of Schools

Guidance for Heads of School on how to register trainees on the CESR(CP) route to specialist registration.

Which trainees should use the CESR(CP) route?

Please see the main CESR(CP) page and the CESR(CP) FAQs for details of who’s eligible for the CESR(CP) route to specialist registration.

Registering a trainee on the CESR(CP) route

At the first ARCP the panel needs to consider the following:

  • Whether the initial appointment level was appropriate
  • If there are any changes to the posts being counted towards the CESR(CP)

If the panel concludes the trainee did not start at the right level, and subsequent educational progression confirms this:

  • The panel should recommend a revised level of training related to the date of the ARCP
  • confirm a new end of training date

RCOG ratification of time spent in non-GMC-approved posts and confirmation of application route

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