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Certification of training & specialist registration

Everything you need to know about certification of training and specialist registration

Certification of training and specialist registration

The RCOG is responsible for recommending doctors to the General Medical Council (GMC) for inclusion on the Specialist Register. It’s a legal requirement to be entered on the Specialist Register before taking up a consultant post in the NHS.

There are 3 routes to specialist registration: CCT, CESR(CP), and CESR.


Certificate of Completion of Training

For doctors who are on the CCT application route (all posts counting towards training are GMC approved).


Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration – Combined Programme

For doctors who were appointed to the specialty training programme above ST1 level and are counting time spent in previous non-GMC-approved posts towards their training.


Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration

For doctors who haven’t completed a GMC-approved training programme, but who are able to demonstrate that their specialist training, qualifications and experience are equivalent to the requirements for the award of the CCT in the UK.



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