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Academic O&G

Information and resources on academic work in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G)

Academic research and training at the RCOG

The RCOG is strongly committed to academic O&G in terms of research, teaching and training. We work hard to improve research and training opportunities by encouraging closer working and collaboration between the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and charities to benefit women’s health globally.

Academic committees and societies at the RCOG

The Academic Board promotes and safeguards all aspects of academic O&G, including:

  • Research and research training
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate training
  • The nature of academic jobs and training, particularly in relation to recruitment and retention

The Research Committee promotes and coordinates the RCOG’s research activities. Its members are Chairs of the Clinical Study Groups, multidisciplinary groups that address research priorities and develop research proposals for funding.

The Blair Bell Research Society encourages research and the interchange of ideas and information in O&G, and the promotion of knowledge in all areas of reproductive biology.

Annual Academic Meeting

The RCOG holds an Annual Academic Meeting in March each year to showcase the best of research in O&G in the UK, from basic science to clinical trials.

Annual Academic Award

The Annual Academic Award recognises distinguished service to academic obstetrics and gynaecology.

Nominees are recognised for their outstanding contribution to the academic aspects of our speciality (scientific discovery, pre-clinical and clinical research, academic education and training).

The recipient of the 2020 award will be invited to give a keynote lecture at the 2021 Annual Academic Meeting (expenses provided).

Read more about the Annual Academic Award


Undergraduate academic education and training

For information about the College’s work to support undergraduates with an interest in academic training in O&G, please visit the undergraduate academic education and training page, which includes:

  • Information about undergraduate work in the Academic Board
  • A list of intercalated and MSc degrees in the UK
  • Contact details for external undergraduate assessors
  • Information about the RCOG undergraduate lead and undergraduate representative
  • Details of prizes, meetings and conferences aimed at undergraduates

Postgraduate academic education and training

For information about postgraduate academic work at the RCOG, please visit the postgraduate academic education and training page, which includes:

  • Information about postgraduate work in the Academic Board
  • Information about the RCOG postgraduate lead and postgraduate representatives
  • Details of meetings and conferences aimed at postgraduates

For information about postgraduate academic training, including the curriculum, FAQs and resources and support for academic trainees, please visit the academic training section.


Research funding opportunities

Several organisations offer research funding opportunities, fellowships and grants. For links to potential funders, please visit the research funding opportunities page.


Find out more

The Royal College of Physicians has produced a research engagement toolkit, which provides advice on how to get involved in research at any stage in your career.


Contact us

If you have any questions about academic O&G, or any suggestions about how we could develop this area of the website, please contact the Secretary to the Academic Board.


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