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Global Health Clinical Study Group

This page provides information about the Global Health Clinical Study Group (CSG).

Chair: Professor Peter von Dadelszen

It is the most newly-formed of the College’s CSGs. The intent of this CSG is to catalyse best-in-class research that is relevant and responsive to the health-related challenges faced by many women, and their families and communities, in less-resourced settings, be they in less-developed countries or amongst immigrant/refugee communities in more-developed countries.

Our interests lie across the span of women’s health, from food security, reproductive choice and gender equity for girls and young women through discovery science to ready access to effective and respectful care and specific treatments for singular disease entities. It is our belief that only by addressing global women’s health through a combination of societal and medical lenses will the Sustainable Development Goals be achieved.

We hope that the global community of Fellows and Members will become vital partners as we endeavour to gain new knowledge and as we put such new knowledge into practice. We want your help.

Mission statement

Improving global women’s and family health through high-quality and culturally sensitive research.


The Global Health CSG develops health services, clinical and basic science research studies to improve health outcomes for women wherever they reside, with the intention of leaving no woman underserved by the global health research community.

Our multidisciplinary executive group helps researchers to optimise study design prior to submission for research funding and encourages collaboration between research teams. In addition, we welcome suggestions for research priorities which may be relayed to funders.

Research proposals

Please contact us if you have a study you would like to discuss or which requires ratification from the CSG by a funding body, or if you have a suggestion for a research priority for funders. Please summarise your proposal on the project proforma and submit it well in advance of any submission for funding.

To propose a study for consideration by the Global Health CSG, please complete the project proforma (Word document) and email it to Professor Peter von Dadelszen at


For specific enquiries, and if you would like to become a member of the Global Health CSG, please e-mail Professor Peter von Dadelszen at

Further information

For information about other CSGs, please visit the Clinical Study Groups page.

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