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Pelvic Floor Clinical Study Group

This page provides information about the Pelvic Floor Clinical Study Group (CSG).

Chair: Mr Christian Phillips


The Pelvic Floor Clinical Studies Group is a multidisciplinary group, under the umbrella of the RCOG. The remit of the group is to support and nuture multidisciplinary research into all areas of pelvic floor dysfunction, including urinary and faecal incontinence, disorders of bladder function and defaecation, uterovaginal prolapse and disorders of sexual function related to the pelvic floor.

Research covering basic science of the pelvic floor, bladder and lower bowel, prevention and treatment of the disorders listed above will be considered and supported, including research developed and led by gynaecologists, urologists, colorectal surgeons, physiotherapists, nurse specialists, epidemiologists, and basic scientists.

Research proposals

The roles of the group will evolve over the next six months to a year but will include bringing together interested individuals to establish multidisciplinary teams to develop specific research plans, and also a forum for investigators already working on project plans where they can seek confidential peer review of projects under develop, and also make contact with researchers with complementary expertise who may be able to join the project team to provide missing skills. We can provide a peer review before submission to ethics committees and/or funding bodies and can “endorse” a project as having the support of the PFCSG.

If you wish to have your project considered, please complete and return the project proforma (Word document) and return it to Mr Christian Phillips

All submissions will be treated as confidential.


If you’re interested in joining the Pelvic Floor CSG at executive or membership level, please email Mr Christian Phillips

Further information

For information about other CSGs, please visit the Clinical Study Groups page.


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