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Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) Clinical Study Group

Details for the Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) Clinical Study Group (CSG)

Sponsors: British Menopause Society (BMS) and Women’s Health Concern

Chair: Dr Melanie Davies

Secretary: Ms Sara Moger



The Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) CSG supports the development of basic and clinical research projects that advance knowledge of the impact of ovarian ageing on women’s physiology, quality of life and long-term wellbeing.

Research areas of particular interest include the impact of preventative strategies, pathophysiology of symptoms, role of biomarkers and genetics in understanding the ageing process and the impact of hormonal and alternative interventions on short term quality of life and long term wellbeing. We have also called for registrations of interest to contribute to the premature ovarian insufficiency registry, whose cumulated data will help to develop our understanding and management of this distressing condition.

The Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) CSG is underpinned by the Medical Advisory Council of the British Menopause Society (BMS), which comprises leading international experts in post-reproductive health management who are instrumental in instigating scientific research and creating consensus statements and guidelines for health professionals. Through our recent merger with Women’s Health Concern, our patient arm, we also have direct contact with women themselves; this is important in establishing the ethics, viability and practicality of clinical projects.


Research proposals

The Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) CSG is happy to consider, discuss and ratify research proposals prior to submission to ethics and funding bodies. If you have a research proposal which requires advice and/or ratification from the CSG, please complete the project proforma and submit your proposal by email to Dr Melanie Davies or Ms Sara Moger



For specific enquiries about the Post-reproductive Health (Menopause) CSG, please email Dr Melanie Davies


Further information

For information about other CSGs, please visit the Clinical Study Groups page.


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