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Prioritisation of research proposals from CSGs

This page sets out how the RCOG’s Research Committee prioritises research proposals from Clinical Study Groups (CSGs).


The Research Committee is guided by the following principles:

  • The final proposals will represent current and timely priorities for women’s health research
  • Each prioritised proposal must have a possibility of improving the health of women receiving NHS care in the UK
  • The proposals must be feasible and represent good value for money for public investment in research
  • Where possible, there should be a spread of proposals representing the range of women’s health issues


The Research Committee uses these criteria to decide which proposals have high priority:

Importance of the condition (burden of disease)

  • Incidence/prevalence
  • If effective, number of cases prevented/severity decreased (duration of impact, impact on mortality/quality of life)

Importance of intervention

  • Potential impact of intervention
  • Substantial potential to improve health?
  • Realistic – how long until benefits could be realised?
  • Value for money?

Benefits in terms of reduced uncertainty

  • Outcomes for patients and carers
  • Outcomes for clinicians
  • Cost-effectiveness for the NHS

Other factors

Other factors could include social or ethical concerns.


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