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Postgraduate academic education and training

This page provides information about how the RCOG’s Academic Board supports postgraduate academic training in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G).

For information about the postgraduate academic curriculum, FAQs and advice and support for academic trainees, please visit the academic training section of the site.

Postgraduate work in the Academic Board

The Academic Board's vision for postgraduate education is to develop and foster research in O&G and academic training throughout the UK. We work closely with the undergraduate lead to identify those who excelled as undergraduate students and maintain their academic interests throughout their training.

The Academic Board has several important roles in the development of postgraduate academic training nationally:

  • To develop an academic curriculum that can be used by academic supervisors throughout the UK. This covers all levels of training, starting from the most junior academic setting out on a research career, spanning years of out of programme training and culminating in the time when the trainee will apply for either a formal academic post or a consultant post with an academic interest. The curriculum is summarised in an academic matrix to allow academics to see easily what is required at particular stages of their training.
  • To support the annual appraisal process for academic trainees. The curriculum and matrix are designed to support the annual appraisal process. It must be clear to both trainer and trainee what is needed at the different stages. Trainees can then determine what they can reasonably achieve in a post with heavy clinical commitments.
  • We are keen to help identify academic supervisors. This is usually done within the main academic units throughout the UK and many of these individuals are known to the Academic Board. We hold a list of senior academics as well as the clinical fellows and clinical lecturers.
  • We aim to develop a full database of clinical academics of all grades to determine academic activity in O&G in the UK and, also, the progression of academic trainees through their careers and the value of their academic training.
  • The Academic Board is also committed to developing a scheme for mentorship. Information about the mentorship scheme is available in the academic training section of the site.

Postgraduate lead

Professor Dilly Anumba is the postgraduate lead on the Academic Board. 

Senior academic trainees’ representative

The senior academic trainees’ representative is Dr Andrew Sharp MRCOG. Andrew is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, University of Liverpool. His main research interests include preterm birth, preeclampsia and IUGR. Andrew is a member of the TMG for the STRIDER trial of sildenafil for the treatment of severe early-onset IUGR. Andrew is also keen that academics in training have a voice within the RCOG and the wider academic community and that we continue to build support and interactive networks for academic trainees throughout the UK.

Meetings and conferences

Each year, the College and the Blair Bell Research Society hold an Annual Academic Meeting. The meeting covers both undergraduate and postgraduate activities with presentations from high-profile members of the research and teaching communities.

There is a forum for trainees to present their work, which is judged, then prizes are awarded to the best presentations and posters. There are also sessions in which trainees can meet others at a similar stage and discuss any issues that are causing them concern. Trainees can also meet senior academics who hopefully can help with their problems.

Contact us

We’re always keen to hear from academic trainees about any problems they’re encountering. Please contact the Secretary to the Academic Board.

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