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ACCEA awards

ACCEA 2021: RCOG Support Scheme

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) is now accepting applications to the 2021 national Clinical Excellence Awards competition. Details can be found on the ACCEA website.


Applying for an award

ACCEA welcomes self-nomination and applications from eligible candidates should be submitted directly to the ACCEA using their online portal by 5pm on Thursday 18th March 2021. The deadlines to apply for RCOG support are earlier as outlined below.

Please review the ACCEA guidance (available here) for the 2021 awards round before submitting an application, as there may be changes from previous rounds.

NHS Consultants and Academic GPs in England and Wales can apply for awards if they meet certain criteria, please check the guidance on “Qualifying for an award”.

You may wish to seek financial advice on any tax or pension implications should you be successful, prior to submitting an application. The RCOG are unable to provide any advice in this area.


The role of the RCOG

As a national nominating body, the RCOG can:

  • Provide nominations to ACCEA for new bronze, silver and gold awards by submitting ranked lists supported by citations.
  • Provide nominations to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) for new platinum awards by submitting a ranked list supported by citations. The AoMRC manage the platinum award nomination process.

Please note that for this round we have been informed by ACCEA that national nominating bodies (such as RCOG) will NOT be able to support renewal applications for any award category.


How to apply for RCOG support

Requests for support may be made to the RCOG using the process outlined below.

Whilst the RCOG would like to support all its members eligible for an award, there is a strict maximum number of applications set by the ACCEA for each award category that can be supported.

To ensure a fair process to determine those who are successful for RCOG support and the order of the ranked nomination lists, applications are assessed against set criteria. The five areas assessed are those detailed on the ACCEA application form as follows:

  1. Delivering a high quality service
  2. Developing a high quality service
  3. Managing and leading a high quality service
  4. Contributing to the NHS through research and innovation
  5. Contributing to the NHS through teaching and training


When applying for support, you will also be asked to include examples of College activity. This will be used to assist with writing a citation if you are successful for RCOG support, but this will not be included as part of the scoring criteria.

The RCOG is committed to promoting equal opportunities. We value diversity, promote equality, and challenge discrimination. We encourage and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

Please note that for this round we have been informed by ACCEA that national nominating bodies (such as RCOG) will NOT be able to support renewal applications for any award category.

RCOG are piloting a new system for the 2021 ACCEA round to receive applications for College support, using an online portal provided by Oxford Abstracts.

The starting point for the RCOG process is self‐nomination. To apply for RCOG support for a new bronze, silver, gold or platinum award, please click the link to register with Oxford Abstracts. You will then be asked to provide your GMC and College number and confirm some statements as a declaration of good standing. Please note that a copy of your completed ACCEA application form will also need to be uploaded to the online portal.

Please click here to start your application

Submissions will be dealt with in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. For more information please visit RCOG Privacy Policy


Deadlines for applying for RCOG Support

RCOG support scheme closes on:

Friday 15 January 2021 at 5pm – for platinum support requests - CLOSED

Friday 29 January 2021 at 5pm – for bronze, silver and gold support requests


Platinum awards process

Please note the platinum process differs to the bronze, silver and gold process in that the RCOG are not able to make nominations directly to the ACCEA for platinum awards. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges manages the platinum nominations and submits successful applicants to ACCEA.

To apply for support for a platinum award, please submit your application to the RCOG. This will be assessed against the same criteria as above, and successful applications will be submitted along with supporting citations to the AoMRC for consideration.


Informing you of the outcome

The RCOG will notify all applicants of whether they have been successful for College support. For those who are successful it is your responsibility to submit your application via the ACCEA portal, as the RCOG ranking and citation can only be applied if your application has been uploaded.


Contact details

If you have any queries on the RCOG support scheme, please email

If you have any queries on the ACCEA process, please email ACCEA directly


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